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Modular Computing Solutions for Embedded Applications

Modular embedded computing solutions. – Innovations include the PC/104 and PC/104-Plus standards. – The EBX form factor LittleBoard for non-backplane, single-board computers, the PC/104 and PC/104 Plus CoreModule SBC. The ETX computers on modules and the low-cost EPIC SBC Series ReadyBoard products and Mini_ITX MightyBoard product line. A family of complete, compact, low-power consumption industrial computer systems..



Allegro MicroSystems

Allegro Microsystems

Allegro develops integrated circuit solutions focused on motor control, regulation, and magnetic field sensing applications. They provide highly integrated mixed-signal ICs, adding more components and greater functionality.  They develop Hall-effect sensor integrated circuits offering contactless sensing for applications such as direction-detection, gear-tooth, speed, linear, angle, current and position sensing for automotive, industrial, consumer, and portable electronics.  Their product line includes power integrated circuit solutions for motor drivers, motor control and switching regulation.




SD/EMI,Antenna, BLDC Motor Solutions

Amotech is a manufacturer of ceramic based ESD/EMI protection devices, GPS, SDARS and Bluetooth antennas targeting: WWAN, WLAN, FM, Bluetooth, DVB-H, RFID frequency ranges, 3 Axis, 6 Axis and 12 Axis sensors used in LBS, Car Navigation, Game machine, Marine, Electronic Compass applications. High Power LED components and modules, as well as custom products for private label opportunities such as street lighting.




Baknor Printed circuit boards

High quality printed circuit boards at the best possible price. From prototypes through to full-production of multi-layer printed circuit boards, Baknor is your best choice. Exceptional design capabilities, whether you are working with an existing design or starting with just an idea. Baknor has assembled manufacturing, not only to provide you the latest technologies, but to provide very competitive processes and materials required in both leading edge designs as well as trailing edge product needs. From basic four layer boards used in consumer products to high layer count used in telecom, datacom or high frequency infrastructure needs. Manufacturing is done in the appropriate facility based on technology and volume required, to ensure we help you compete in your marketplace.




Baknor is the low cost expert in thermal management and packaging solutions

Use Baknor’s design and thermal packaging expertise to keep your components cool. With over 20 years of heat sink design and various thermal management experience with a wide variety of customers around the world, you can rely on Baknor for innovative cooling solutions for your systems, subsystems and electronic components. Baknor’s custom design, prototyping and packaging solutions are production ready in less time, and our low overhead keeps the cost down without compromising quality. Products include: BGA Cooling, Heat Sinks Extrusion, Heat Sinks Castings, Heat Sinks Machining, Fin Assemblies,Fan Assemblies,Phase Change Cooling, Heat Pipes, Vapour Chambers, Liquid Cooling, Brazed, Tube Liquid Cold Plates,Thermal Assemblies. We work collaboratively with your engineers and technologists to deliver board and system level solutions.




High Quality/Performance Memory for Network Solution

Netsol provides memory solutions needing low latency, high-speed wide I/Os with longevity and reliability. Networking Application - Quadruple/DDR family and NTRAM/SPB synchronous SRAMs offer optimized performance for switches, hubs, routers, and network servers. Server Application - Data servers are shaped by their L3 caches. The faster the cache - the better the server. Synchronous SRAMs are the fastest in the industry enabling peak performance for computing applications. Netsol is Marketed and Distributed by Samsung C&T




Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. (SSI)

Based in San Jose, California, is a multi-billion dollar subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, Ltd. Samsung provides the widest range of memory, including Drams, Flash Memory and Mobile Memory.  Samsung DRAM for computing, consumer and graphics applications. Samsung offer a broad range of DRAM solutions to help you bring systems to market quickly and cost-effectively: our computing DRAM provides an outstanding combination of speed and energy efficiency, our consumer DRAM is designed to enliven today's digital living, and our graphics DRAM helps surpass the most demanding user expectations.  Samsung V-NAND, Flash Cards, SSD, eMMC and UFS Solutions Samsung offer a wide variety of flash-based storage technologies to meet your design needs. Whether you are in the retail or OEM market, Samsung has a high-density flash card solution to optimize your applications. In addition, our solid-state drive (SSD) portfolio spans a comprehensive range of categories from PC and mobile devices to data center and enterprise solutions. Furthermore, Samsung Universal Flash Storage(UFS) embedded memory is a key component in popular mobile applications such as slim smartphones and tablets-and we are expanding our lineup of embedded memory with next-generation solutions.  Samsung Mobile DRAM and Multi-Chip Packages (MCPs) Samsung mobile memory enables outstanding design flexibility. Our Mobile DRAM solutions help designers create sleek devices with heightened functionality. And, our innovative "chip-stack" MCP solutions optimize board space by combining different memory technologies on a single substrate..




Mobile Platforms And Linear Products

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. is an innovator of high performance analog and mixed signal semiconductors enabling mobile connectivity. The company’s power amplifiers, front-end modules and direct conversion radios are at the heart of many of today’s leading-edge multimedia handsets. Leveraging core technologies, Skyworks also offers a diverse portfolio of linear products that support automotive,broadband, cellular infrastructure, industrial and medical applications.




Power Conversion Components & Systems

Vicor offers the widest range of input voltages, output voltages, and power levels in the industry. They design, manufacture and market modular power components and complete power systems used in the communications, data processing, industrial controls, test equipment, medical and defense electronic markets. Use the combined advantages of Vicor components to create compact, highly functional, economical products with streamlined development cycles that minimize time to market. Products Include: Factorized Power Architecture, DCDC Converters and Power Supplies, AC to DC Converters and Power Supplies, Military Cots Power Converters, Power Supply Accessories.




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